Sowed Chards & Mustard


9/13/2020 – Tomorrow Hurricane Sally is to cross south of us on the way to the LA/MS state line. Sowed seeds that are placed deeper so, hopefully, they will not be washed away. Note the alternate way the fertilizer was placed on either side of the seed groove. Update- Ironically, the storm provided only light rains.

  • Tendergreen mustard seeds from last year in an 8′ empty piece of row 4; i.e. immediately east of the pumpkin row.
  • Peppermint Chard in the 6th row where the Cheers Mustard did not germinate; i.e. the north half of the row.
  • Perpetual Spinach (Leaf Beet Chard) in the 7th row, north half.
    • Sow about 6 inches apart and cover with ½ inch soil and rolled in.
    • When 2 – 4 inches tall, thin them to 12 inches apart.

Soaked the seeds from 8 AM to 4 PM. During that time prepared the seed bed.

Pulled the dirt into a raised bed with the hiller. Tried a different way of applying the 8-8-8 plus Borax. Cut in a V-shaped groove with the hoe on either side of the center where the seeds will be placed. Sprinkled in the fertilizer lightly in each groove. Pulled the dirt back over each groove and leveled the bed. That put the fertilizer ½”-1″ below the surface and away from the seeds 3″-6″. The plan is that the rain will move a lot of it deeper where the roots will soon grow into.

At about 4 PM we sowed the seeds in a groove made with a handle and covered them to the approximate depth. Packed them with the back wheel of the Chapin seeder.

Reminder – All this is in the south half of the garden.

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