Sowed Cabbage, Mustard, Chard, & Onions


9/23/2020 – We sowed the following in the big garden expecting the 80% rain this afternoon through tomorrow noon. The placement is listed in the south to north order. Note that some of these locations are where other seeds failed to germinate–likely due to the daytime temperature. Update – We only got about ¼” but that was good as everything is wet and not washed away.

This week the daytime temperature is to be in the mid to high 80’s. Hopefully, we will have better germination.

  • Row 7
    • Diplomat Brocolli – Very few coated seeds in the pack bought from Garden Trends. Did not seem like the 50 as advertised.
    • Cheers Cabbage – The last planting as the earlier did not germinate.
    • Luculus Swiss Chard- The last planting germinated poorly.
  • Row 8
    • Warrior Bunching Onions – south half of the row
    • White Lisbon Onions – 2019 leftover seed
    • Italian Red Onions – 2019 leftover seed
  • Row 9
    • Florida Broadleaf Mustard – 2019 leftover seed
    • Pak Choy White Stem Mustard – 2019 leftover seed
    • Savanah Mustard

None of the seeds were pre-soaked. Did not get it all together to do so but the soil is damp and rain is predicted. [Only rained ¼”]

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