Sowed Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds


11/13/2020 – On this Friday the 13th, sowed in the north half of Row 11 (in the north half of the garden) Buttercrunch Lettuce seeds that have been soaking in kitchen window for 48 hours and a few sprouted.

The raised row pulled up a couple of weeks ago had been tilled with the Troybuilt cultivator a week ago. There has been no rain in a couple of weeks so have been watering the hill the past three days. Raked out the damp soil to level and smooth.

Drained the water from the seeds and poured in maybe 3 tablespoons of dry grits. Stirred it gently until all the moisture had been absorbed.

Put the seeds/grits into the green plastic small-seed sower and dribbled them over the soil about 12″ wide. Scratched the top of the row with the tines of the garden rake to hopefully very lightly cover some seeds while not blocking the sunlight. On the north half of this half row, patted the raked seeds down lightly with the hoe.

Watered lightly both parts of the half row.

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