Sowed Broccoli in Row 10


11/11/2020 – Sowed Waltham 29 Broccoli seed that had been soaking 19 hours.

  1. Drained and mixed them with about a ¼ cup of dry grits.
  2. Put the mixture into the green-plastic small seed sower.Raked out the top of the south half of Row 10 in the south half. Drew a ½” groove with the rake handle and dribbled in the seeds and grits trying to keep 2-6″ spacing.
  3. Raked soil on top of the groove with seeds and patted the top of the row down with the rake’s tines.
  4. Lightly watered the row.

NOTE – There is about a 10′ long gap in Row 10 between the spinach sowed a day or so ago and this sowing. The intent is to sow more spinach there next week.

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