Sowed Bermuda and Centipede Seed around the Pond


3/3/2020 – After Wayne Maples finished the final grading of the pond area this morning we bought two 25 lb bags of Pennington Terra Verde bermuda grass mix and 5 lbs of TifBlair Centipede seed at Hurley Farm & Feed.

The day before the soil temperature was 61-63 F, at the end of the fully inserted ChefWorks meat probe; i.e. ~3″. The recommended temp is 65 plus 4″ down. Close enough. Based on research compiled here we will sow:

  • Bermuda – FOR MAINTAINED AREAS: 40-80 lbs/A (1-2 lbs/1000 sq. ft)
  • Centipede – 1/2 lb. per 1000 sq. feet for best results.

Today’s process used the Gator and her wide tires to do the following:

  1. Went around the pond edge pulling dirt chunks from the edge and onto the level area so they would be broken up and spread as much as possible.
  2. Drug the disk’s 6×6 timber to level up as much as it could despite the clay balls.
  3. Sowed the Bermuda with the JD pull behind spreader pulled by the Gator.
  4. Sowed the centipede seed with the cyclone seeder:
    1. one swath (~10 ft) around the pond
    2. the area upto the grass at the old oak
    3. scattered locations south of the pond to get some started there.
  5. Spread about 10 lbs of 13-13-13 mixed into 50 lbs of 15-0-15 over the area concentrating on the east and south sides;
  6. Drug Wayne’s chainlink gate with the 6×6 on top over the entire area to lightly cover the seed.

3/10/2020 – Began moving the tripod sprinkler around as the top of the soil where the seeds are is drying out. Some appear to be sprouting.

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