Sowed Beech Sunflowers, Marigolds, and Zinnias in the Garden


4/15/2020 – Sowed sunflowers, marigolds, and zinnia varities listed below. Followed the advice at Old Farmer’s Almanac here for the zinnias and here for the marigolds.

1Beach Sunflower (Cucumber-Leaf) Sunflower – S-half, eastmost rowSESE
2French Marigold, Lemon Drop – N-half, eastmost row, next to Naughty MariettaSESE
3French Marigold, Naughty Marietta – N-half, eastmost row, nearest laneSESE
4French Marigold, Spanish Brocade – N-half, eastmost row, next to Lemon DropSESE
5French Marigold, Cracker Jack Mix. – N end of Zuc row and the north end of the eastmost row2019
6Zinna, Giant Cactus Mix. Next to Daikon planted today.Parks
7Zinnia, State Fair Mixed ColorsSESE
8Zinna, Park’s Picks Mix Zinnia Seeds, 4-5″ acrossParks
9Zinna, Profuse Sunrise Mix – Only Z in S-half, south end of row 8Parks

Once the marigold seeds are planted, it takes 7 to 14 days for the plant to pop up.

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