Sowed Bahia Grass on Cleared Area Along Creek & Springs

Creek, Springs and east slope Fields

5/31/2021 – Sowed Pensacola Bahia grass seed in the three areas below that Wayne Maples completed clearing and leveling yesterday. Areas derived from Google Earth.

  1. North-South area along the west side of the creek – 39.5 KSF
  2. East-West area along the south side of Mary’s Springs – 21 KSF
  3. East-West area along the north side of Mary’s Springs – 14.2 KSF

Total area seeded = 74.7 KSF = 1.7 acres + 10% margin = 1.9 acres.

From MS State Ext Service:

  1. Broadcast seed at 15 to 20 pounds per acre; a higher rate of up to 30 pounds results in a quicker establishment.
  2. Fertilization and Lime
    1. Lime the soil to a pH of 5.8. You may not need to lime again for several years.
    2. For new plantings, as soon as plants have emerged, apply 30 pounds of nitrogen (N) per acre, all of the phosphorus (P), and 50 percent of the potassium (K) that is recommended by the soil test.
    3. If a good stand is present after 30 to 45 days of growth, put out the remaining potassium plus 60 pounds of nitrogen.

Seed Required: 1.9 acres x 30 lbs/acre = 57 lbs seed. Spread 48 lbs.

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