Sidedressed Pumpkins, Zucchini, and Squash


8/29/2020 – Side dressed the following with 33-0-0:

  • the first row from the east that has Betternut Squash and South Anna Butternut Squash
  • the second row from the east side that has White Scalloped Squash, Spaghetti squash, and Pascola Zucchini.
  • the pumpkin/squash row.

Some of the squash is starting to vine and the other looks pale. Raked along the sides of the hill with the 4-tine hoe. Dribbled in the 33-0-0 and raked it in with the same hoe.

As the pumpkins are largely vining to the east, most of the 33-0-0 is on the west side of the plants.

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