Sidedressed mustard, cabbage, and carrots


12/16/2019 – Sidedressed with 15-0-15 plus some borax:

  • the 2nd 6″-8″ high mustard in the north end of rows 3 and 4;
  • the 6″ high cabbage in rows 7 and 8;
  • the 2″-3″ high scattered carrots in rows 11 and 12.

Used the hoe to scrap a 1/2″-1″ deep groove just outside the drip line and throw a hand full in 3′-4′ of the groove. The borax had been pour on top of the fertilizer in a 5-gallon bucket and mixed into the top 1″ or so. The mustard was the first to be side dressed so the boron went mostly on them. Only put a little around the carrots.

Used the hoe to pull and scrap soil onto the fertilizer granules.

Had 3/4″ of rain very early the next morning.

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