Side Dressing, Planting & Pruning


5/14/22019 – Today, like the last couple of days, began at 7:30 but lasted until 11 AM.

I mixed about 4 parts 34-0-0 with one part lime. Scored a shallow V trench with the hoe 6″-8″ from the 2nd and 3rd planting of corn; i.e. all the remaining corn not yet side dressed. Mary dropped in the fertilizer-lime and I pulled the dirt back on top of it with the garden rake.

All corn other than the Rows 11, 12, and 13 were side dressed on the east side and those rows were side dressed on the west side.

Mary sprinkled the same fertilizer/lime around the tomatoes and hot and sweet peppers on the hay mulch. I used the 4-tine hoe to shake it down into the hay. Mary then watered each plant.

Mary fed the her flower seedlings with Miracle Grow + Fish Emulsion.

  • Sunflowers and Zinnias in Row 16
  • Nasturtiums and Marigolds at the end of rows
Grandma watering her cucumbers

Planted Icicle Radish seeds between the squash in the wider areas to combat the squash beetles. Side dressed the squash. This was the first “traditional” side dressing for the squash and some were much larger than when it should have been done. About two weeks ago, Mary put Miracle Grow and Fish Emulsion on them. So, that is why they do not look neglected.

Pruning the Tomatoes

Following Ted’s advice and demonstration yesterday, Mary removed the low branches that rested on the hay mulch and pinched out all shoots but one for it to become a second main vine. She planted the branches in the unplanted part of Row 16.

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