Side dressed first corn & planted Bonnie seedlings


4/29/2019 – Side dressed the first plot of corn (G-90) with 34-0-0 at one pint per 100′ row as recommended by ACES. As recommended by Ted, we also side dressed with lime. Rather than two applications, I mixed the lime with the nitrogen. See Background below.

ACES said to side dress with one pint per 100′ of row. As the rows are about 50 feet I filled a one-pint canning jar half full then scoped in some lime and let it mix. Mary then sprinkled that into a slot–6″ to 8″ from the corn–I made with the hoe. Then used the garden rake to pull the dirt back on top of the dressing.

Background – Searches of the internet did not find anyone adding lime with the nitrogen. But, everything talked about the importance of ph for nitrogen uptake. And our ph is in the upper 5’s. So, a little could only help although there is likely not enough time for the lime to adjust the soil’s ph.

Bonnie Tomatoes and Peppers

We bought a tray each of:

  • Amelia determinate tomatoes – planted next to the Mortgage Lifter row that is not growing.
  • Jalapeno peppers planted on the south side of the Amelia tomatoes in the same row.
  • Sweet Banana Peppers – planted in the row with the bell peppers.
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