Shrubs at Grain Bin and 3rd Gardenia

Homestead Plants/Trees

2/14/2019 – On this Valentines Day Mary was still sick that came on at the end of the trip to Houston. I planted the following.

  • Moved the crepe myrtle growing at the northwest corner of the house to the south center of the grain bin. This crepe was one from the large white one in the back yard in Houston.
  • Planted the third gardenia bought at Blair’s at the northwest corner of the house a little further out than the crepe had been. [Note this plant was relocated on 3/21/19 to in line with the other two to hide the pump from the back patio.]
  • Moved the spirea at the power pole to the south side of the grain bin door. With the spirea moved from the fence on the north side we hope they will frame the doorway and look good.
  • Dug up four azalea rootings and planted them between the grain bin door and the woodshed either side of the crepe cited above.

The following week we set up the old iron pot on bricks from the house on the north side of the “porch” to the grain bin. Filled it with topsoil from the pile left from the patio construction. Mary planted the few butterfly seeds in a packet from SESE that included Milkweed for the Monarch Butterfly.

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