Retired Rodeo Horses “put out to pasture”

Farm Animals

Last week while Mary was in Houston, Ted brought over two retired rodeo horses. One was a black mare (no name) who has a lame left rear leg and the other was a Yellow Mare (that is what they call her) whose front knees are very bad with the left knee having chipped bones. Yellow Mare has spent her life in team roping competitions chasing cows and this was her first time in years being on grass. She seems happy.

The Bay (named Melina) is much younger but, so we are told, is a handful.

Of course, Biscuit and Gus are with the three horses as of yesterday and are much happier. Biscuit got a carrot but Gus was being his usual stand-offish self and so he did not get one before they were gone.

Carrots may help. They are getting their first dose of petting and carrots. First thing Mary said was that she needs a horse brush.

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