Resowed Carrots in Marigold Row


11/23/2020 – Had originally sowed on October 25th but only a few germinated. Poor germination was likely as the soil had crusted hard from daily watering directly on the row. Resowed them today about 4 PM so they will be cool for the first 18 or so hours. Air temp the next morning was 35°.

  • Balero Carrots – 12 feet of row, north end. Depth is about ¼”.
  • Chantenay Carrots – 12 feet of row, immediately south of the Balero. Depth is about ¼”.
  • Danvers 126 – 12 feet of row, immediately south of the Chantenay. Depth is about ¼”.
  1. All had been soaked for about 6 hours in pyrex custard cups on the window sill above the sink. Drained, then air-dried for 30 minutes, then mixed with grits. Poured grits in until the cup was about half full as the maybe 2 teaspoons of small seeds were still wet. Mixed the seeds and gits with a spoon and the grits absorbed the free water so the mixture easily was sprinkled.
  2. As it has not rained in almost 4 weeks, the rows have been watered regularly to try to get the original sowing to grow. Late this morning I rake the tops of the rows to break up the clods left from breaking up the crust that likely kept the first sowing from doing anything. I then watered the soil so it would be moist when the new seeds were sown.
  3. About 4 pm, the damp soil raked out smoothly
  4. Resowed the pelleted Balero seeds into the single row’s gaps. Resowed the others by scattering across the 12″-14″ top of the wide row. Used the garden rake to rake them in.
  5. Covered all three with boards as Mary’s had been covered with boards and had ok germination even though sowed during hotter times. The plan is for the boards to also help prevent crusting.

12/2/2020 – Removed boards as there are a few green sprouts but not sure they are carrots. They look too large.

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