Replanted Cabbage & Broccoli


8/16/2020 – The K-Y cabbage and Green Magic Brocolli planted a few weeks ago in the 3rd row from the east did not germinate. Maybe it was too hot or the seeder did not put out any–unlikely. Had some of both left but not enough to reseed the full 60′ row. So, used seed from last fall as follows.

  1. K-Y Cabbage in about the first 12′ of the north end.
  2. Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage from there to the middle; about 20′
  3. Green Magic Broccoli (treated) from the middle south about __’
  4. Wortham Broccoli in the south __’ of the row.

Had plenty of the EJW and Wortham seeds so planted them thick and hopefully will have to thin them a lot.

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