Relocated Original Blueberries

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1/5 & 6/2021 – We moved the two blueberry bushes Mom and Dad planted to the locations where the pond field becomes the barnyard and along the ditch. The bushes have not produced much the past three years; likely due to the being in the shade of the now no-so-small oak and the pecan.

We separated each into two plants and positioned them to not obstruct the views north from the deck and to create the sense of a perimeter around the barnyard.

Ironically, when I dug into the first location selected that was for the south-most bush, I cut the buried dog fence. We moved that location and the one just north of it, east to get off the buried wire. See the photo below of the wire location related to the blueberry bush.

Location of buried dog fence’s east-side of the loop
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