Released Bass and Grass Carp into the Pond


5/28/2020 – Bought 50 Tiger Bass and 4 Grass Carp from Alabama Fish & Pond, LLC who delivered them to St. Elmo Feed & Seed. He said to release the small bass fingerlings (1″-1.5″) into something where they can hide and dart out to feed. Once he understood the pond is new and there is nothing like that, he said to put a large limb or smaller ones on the edge then release them into it.

The Grass Carp (6″-8″) were very rambunctious jumping in the bag and seemed to be anxious to get out.

As can be seen, the water is still muddy although the bottom can be seen 3-4 inches down. The water in these photos is muddy as the limb stirred it up as did the carp who kept jumping and charging the bag.

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