Translaminar Pesticides

Common and trade names of pesticides (insecticides and miticides) with translaminar activity labeled for use in greenhouses and/or nurseries. From the article here by Raymond A. Cloyd, Professor and Extension Specialist in Horticultural Entomology/Plant Protection at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.

Common Name (Active Ingredient) —  Trade Name
Abamectin  —  Avid
Acephate —  Orthene
Acetamiprid —  TriStar
Chlorfenapyr —  Pylon
Cyantraniliprole —  Mainspring
Cyromazine —  Citation
Dinotefuran —  Safari
Etoxazole —  TetraSan
Flonicamid —  Aria
Imidacloprid —  Marathon
Novaluron —  Pedestal
Pymetrozine —  Endeavor
Pyridalyl —  Overture
Pyrifluquinazon —  Rycar
Pyriproxyfen —  Distance/Fulcrum
Spinosad —  Conserve
Spiromesifen —  Judo
Spirotetramat —  Kontos
Thiamethoxam —  Flagship

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