Ranger Arrived

Farm Animals

8/16/2019 – Ted and Cheyanne surprised Mary with the horse named Ranger. They acquired him from James Douglas, Farrier, in Citronelle.

8/20/2019 – Notes from first talk with James about Ranger.

  • To halter him put a lead rope around the neck then halter
  • He worked the Hazer for Rodeo Bull Dog Steers & team penned
  • The owner was a truck driver
  • Arthritis in right foot common with rodeo horses that are ridden without warming or stretching
  • wants him on rotation with erica’s Rambler who has trouble walking
  • Will not need to feed him in winter.
  • call or text
  • the correct saddle is on where you can put your fist with thumb on top under the saddle at the whithers
  • He is a quarter house
  • Use a Navaho blanket and a pad

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