Plowed Packed Rows


The two extended heavy rains in the past two weeks made the soft dirt in the garden feel like walking on concrete. Today the soil was dry enough to get on it with Fergie and the plows not create a lot of wet dirt clods that would dry hard.

Moved the inner plows to __ inches either side of center and the outside plows remained behind the center of the rear tires, Lowered the outside plows to 1½ inches lower that the inside ones so they could cut deeper without having the inside ones next to the plants too deep.

Plowed the nine rows of corn, that is from 4″-12″ high, and it seemed to work well. Backed down the squash & cucumber rows and when done clearly one side cut deeper and closer to the seedlings. Adjusted the height of the right arm and the antisway chains. Replowed the rows and the adjustment helped.

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