Planted SW Corner Bed in the Front Yard


11/5/2019 – The bed in the SW corner of the front yard (next to the citrus trees) had only a rose and a camellia but was mulched with hay all summer. We had more daylilies to take out of the crepe myrtle bed where they are not getting enough sun. We relocated 24 plants to this location. The plan is to use this corner as a holding, growing, recovery bed.

The daylilies came from the Crepe Myrtle bed and one from under the blue plumbago at the Magnolia Frescati. Some from the crepe bed have tags that are:

  • Crimson Pirate
  • Original Orange
  • Strawberry Candy

Mary put two double handfuls of alfalfa pellets in the bottom of each hole and I mixed them into the dirt. After trimming the leaves to 6-8″ we threw on some cottonseed meal and watered it in.

After the relocations to this bed and the one along the orchard fence, there are now 12 clumps left in the Crepe Myrtle bed.

The camellia planted next to the power pole along the board fence next to the orchard was dying. As that bed became the coneflower bed, we relocated the sickly camellia to the north edge of this bed next to the 6×6 gate post. It is a Bella Rouge Camellia from the Southern Living Plant Collection with “red, semi-double blooms”. They are to grow to 4′-5′ high and 4′-5′ wide.

Two days later covered the bed with 1-2″ pine bark mulch.

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