Planted Onion Sets and Spinach


3/16/2021 – We, with Piper and Olivia’s help, planted 1 lb each of white and yellow onion sets and pre-sprouted spinach seeds in the big garden next to the flower area on the west edge next to the blooming Sand Pear Tree.

The onion sets were placed with the help, for the first time, of the two-row dibble that spaced them 5″ apart and in a 6″ wide double row. There is a 20 ft. double row of yellow onions and a 17 ft. double row of white onions.

The Bloomsdale Long Standing spinach seeds had been pre-sprouted in the refrigerator and when sowed had ½” white roots. These were the same seeds planted on the 15th in Mary’s Garden.

Piper and Grandma tried to drop only one into the 3/4″ holes made by the new single-row dibble that spaced them 5″ apart. As they were wet and the roots were tender it was very hard to not drop more than one. Sowed a 26 ft long, double row, with the rows 10-12″ apart.

Piper lightly watered them in.

3/20/2021 – The little green spinach spikes are already showing.

Made a double row with the single-row dibble
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