Planted New Daylilies


We completed tilling the bed along the wood fence. Mary planted the four new daylily varieties (21 total plants) she ordered from American Meadows. They are cited below.

Daylily Crimson Pirate – 6 ea

‘Crimson Pirate’ Daylily blooms in clear red with golden yellow accents and a sunny yellow throat. Narrow, elongated petals give this easy-care plant a refined look, especially when planted in large groups, surrounded by masses of their own strappy foliage. Ultra-hardy and ready to multiply if allowed, fragrant daylilies are tolerant, forgiving plants. (Hemerocallis)

Bloom Time – Mid to late summer

‘Frans Hals’ Daylily – 6 ea

‘Frans Hals’ Daylily adds a riot of color to the landscape in spring, reblooming again in fall. Boasting big, bi-colored flowers that alternate rusty crimson inner petals and yellow throats, with sunny yellow outer petals, ‘Frans Hals’ is content with a wide variety of conditions. A spectacular sight when planted in a large group or drift. Attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds. (Hemerocallis)

Bloom Time – Mid to late summer

Daylily Original Orange – 6 ea.

Daylily Original Orange is easy growing and famous for its vigorous, orange blooms along roadsides nationwide. This Daylily is carefree, adaptable, and tolerant of any soil. (Hemerocallis fulva)

Bloom Time – Early to late summer

The Original Orange did not survive.

Strawberry Candy’ Reblooming Daylily – 3 ea.

A showy summer flower, ‘Strawberry Candy’ Reblooming Daylily has rose-pink petals with ruffled, picotee edges that surround strawberry-red centers and yellow-green throats. Like all daylilies, ‘Strawberry Candy’ prefers to make its home in full sun but will tolerate a variety of conditions. Reblooms with enthusiasm in fall. (Hemerocallis)

Bloom Time – Early to mid summer, again in late summer

The Strawberry Candy did not survive.

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