Planted Mustard and Lettuce


1/14/2020 – Planted 10 feet of a wide row of each of the following in 2019’s row 10. Lettuce seeds germinated quickly and well after about 17 hours of soaking inside at 71 F. The soil was moist from a light rain and that also had to help the germination.

  1. Florida Broad Leaf Mustard – two rows about a foot apart. Sprinkled the seeds in by hand then pulled some damp soil over the row and did not pat it down.
  2. Buttercrunch Lettuce – Put the lettuce seeds in water to soak 4 PM, 1/13/20 and planted the next morning about 9 AM. Spread on top of the loose soil tilled yesterday. Seed stuck to Mary’s fingers so hard to spread.

1/19/2020 – Both plantings have germinated with tiny two-leaf seedlings showing. We have had 65-75 days since sowing. Soil temp today was 53 F.

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