Planted Beets, Swiss Chard, Carrot, Broccolli, & Tomatillos


10/14/2019 – Given the rain two days ago and the prediction of cooler days ahead, we planted some of the south 30-ft of the rows in the north half of the large garden and seedlings. This is late planting but September and the first part of October was very hot and very dry. Some of the seeds will also be impacted by higher soil temps.

What was planted today was:

  • 30-ft of Ruby Queen Beets in row 5 planted 3″ o.c.;
  • 30-ft of Swiss Chard in row 6 planted 6″ o.c.;
  • 30-ft of DeCiccio Broccolli in row 9; and
  • 20-ft of Nante’s Scarlet Carrot in Row 11 planted 3″ o.c. The seed packet said it contained 200 seeds.
  • Six Tomatillo seedlings we grew from seeds planted in row 15 with the Celebrity and Roma tomatoes
  • Two Cayenne peppers we grew from seed planted in row 15 with the Celebrity, Roma, and Tomatillo tomatoes.
  • For the record there are today;
    • 10 Roma tomatoes
    • 7 Celebrity tomatoes
    • 2 feeble cucumbers in Row 1
    • __ Acorn squash in __ hills in Row 1
    • __ Spaghetti squash in __ hills in Row 2
    • __ Butternut squash in __ hills in Row 2

The above is a full inventory of the winter garden to date.

See staked tomatoes plus new plants with hay around them for protection.
Seeds planted here with small white labels by Grandma
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