Planted 3 Crepe Myrtles in Orchard & 1 more at Grain Bin


4/8/2019 – We had two small crepes in pots from the large white one in the backyard in Houston. We also had two nice ones sprouting from the ones along the wood fence in the front yard. One of those dug up ok but the smaller one did not have much of its own roots yet.

We planted one of the ones from Houston at the grain bin near the wood shed. The other one from Houston was planted in the SE corner of the NS fence and the lane fence near the north end of the barn.

The large one dug up in the front yard was planted on the south side of the 12′ gate in the NS fence and the other one that may not live is on the north side of the gate.

The three planted along the fence are on the orchard side.

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