Peppers and Marigold Sown for Seedlings


2/24/2021 – Mary sowed seeds in 6-packs and a tray of the following as well as sowed pepper seeds where seedlings did not come up. All were sown in Baccato Potting Soil from Hurley F&F.

  • Queen Sophia French Marigold from SESE sowed in three 6-packs. As of 8/21/2921, Mary said she did not like how these performed. Do not try again.
  • Frances Choice French Marigold from Johnny’s sowed in three 6-packs.
  • In a 10×20 tray filled with potting soil see sowed in rows:
    • Marigold Sparky Mix from HOSS
    • Marigold, Red Metamorph from SESE
    • Marigold Inca II Orange F1 from Harris Seeds
    • Marigold Inca II Primrose F1 from Harris Seeds

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