Patio Installations


Due to Hurricane Gordon, the patio installation was postponed until we were back at the farm and that was when we moved. So, two days after we drove from Houston for the last time, and the day the movers unloaded our stuff, the patio work began by Mike Chadwell, Springhill Landscape, LLC.

The pavers installed were Tremron’s Olde Towne, color Autumn Blend, 2-3/8″ thick.

Monday, 9/17/2018  –  The installation began with stripping the sod with a rented machine that could not do it. So, they used the tractor’s bucket to remove the sod and in places about 6″ of soil. Dug up and found the new telephone cable to the house was only about 6″ deep in the area of the new patio. Note in the photo the location of the original propane line–that was not in service–as found when the sod was being removed.

Tuesday – Mike and the crew got the kitchen patio graded and ready for pavers by the end of the day.

Wednesday – Patio crew laid the side patio by noon but still have the porch, bed-wall and edging to place.

Thursday – Side patio is 95% complete.

Friday – Side patio was completed–other than the pavers to be thin-set on the porch–and sanded in with Gator Max G2 Polymeric Sand. The stoop at the new back door was also completed.

The pavers on the side porch slab were set in VersaBond Professional Thin-set Mortar.

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