Ordered Our First Fingerlings for the pond


2/7/2020 – Ordered 500 Flat Head Minnows and 500 Copper Nose Bluegills from Alabama Fish & Pond for pickup at St. Elmo Feed and Seed on 2/21/2020. Cost will be $290.

The lady said:

  • In the summer we could seed bass fingerlings at 50:1
  • Given the pond is a bit muddy could feed them a hi-protien fish food for fingerlings (smaller pellets) on warm days. On cold days they will almost be dormant and will not come to the feed.
  • Feed them 1/2 coffee can at least once per day but best if AM and PM. Throw in some and wait till they eat it then more maybe 10 minutes later.
  • Once pond is established seed with Shell Crackers as they eat the parasite worms that impact other fish
  • There will be 3 bags to fit into our coolers so we need at least 2 large coolers.
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