Onions Bolting, Broccoli & Lettuce done–Ready to Replant


Almost 50% of the multiplying onions are bolting, and the broccoli is done for. The mixed Mesculun lettuce has some damaged by the cold last week, some leaves are too large and some are too small.

Based on info found at several web sites, the bolting is due to the very cold nights last week that the onions interpreted as winter coming and they needed to reproduce. Mary and I pulled the larger ones that bolted and Piper snipped off the stems with the buds in the south end.

The broccoli was mostly the secondary small florets and some had dead buds likely from the cold. We harvested what was not damaged and had a large colander full.

The seed mixture for salads was such a mixed bag of issues it was cut off for compost and the roots tilled in.

Once all the above was done I used the Troy-Built cultivator and deeply tilled the areas now vacant. Clearly, the first tilling did not get very deep and I knew it was not over the entire area. This tilling encountered a lot more undisturbed soil and sod. The little high-speed tiller turned it all into a sandy loam fluff where Lady’s footprints sink in well over an inch deep. It is suppose to rain tomorrow so we will plant after that.

This was all done with Piper and Olivia’s help while they were with us for Spring Break.

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