October, 2011, First Haul and setting up


This was the first trip in the “new” 2002 Ford F250, Super Duty, diesel truck. Gpano yard and house.jpgreat ride over with all the room and the bed loaded with plastic containers of dishes, curtains, tools, framed art prints, etc.

Everything at the farm is in good shape with the big pile of grape arbor debris and dead tallow trees tightly piled in the barn yard by Ted. House and grounds looks great: green and not too bad off from the drought this past summer.

Ted also cleaned out the rest of the fence row at the garden. That debris is in a pile in the garden. Mary was continuously amazed at how she could see from the house across the garden.

Mary started right in with replacing the kitchen cabinet knobs with the white ones we brought. I removed the can opener and toaster oven from under the cabinet and the microwave. I mounted the light under the ceiling fan. The kitchen seems so much larger. Mary hung some of the framed art we brought in the living room.

Day one was largely going to Home Depot to buy the replacement door for the store room and working in the house with the new curtains and changing the TV area to remove the VCR stand. Mary hung more art we brought. I had to jumped off the little tractor to cut the grass in the barn yard so when I set the fire it would not spread. Not much chance it would burn green grass … but there is a lot of thatch from past mowings.

Day two was back to home depot for lumber to build the pump house. I did not get to it so the lumber is stacked in the car port.  Also pulled the old freezer out of the store room and called the guy to come get and he did.

Day three started with burning the grape arbor pile. It went up like a torch and during the day I kept throwing the little stuff into the fires and by the end it was gone.  I hung the storage room door and Mary painted it. CIMG8149.JPGWe drove to the north fields and around so Mary could see them as it has been several years since she was there. We have a lot of tallow trees to kill.

Mary cut the front yard grass and I trimmed blueberry bushes and the fig trees. Added all to the fire along with old fence posts from under the pecan trees near the bin.

The Johnson grass sprayed with RoundUp during the last trip had died.  So, I sprayed more.  Also sprayed a large tallow tree in the fence line at the garden with Remedy as well as other scrub trees in the fence row.

 pano from mid north PL.jpg

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