Oct. 6, 2014 Work Week


Saturday afternoon, 10/4/14 – Cleaned up and picked up. Relaxed. Cotton is high and dark green. Very few pecans but plenty of acorns. Nothing living in holes under the house. Lawn freshly mowed by Ted.

Sunday – Sprayed Clear Pasture on weeds on west side of house and Johnson Grass across road. Picked up limbs in pecan orchard. Washed facia on north side of house so ready for paint.

Monday – Set fire to pile of limbs that Ted and pushed up but it was so wet from recent rains it only half burned. Fence guy came and wheeled off distances for fence along the street. AC would not start and the company that had worked on it is out of business. The fence guy’s step father is an AC repairman so Ken came out in mid afternoon and found that the thermostat had gone bad.* They installed a new one for $145. It did not need freon. Blew leaves away in back of barn and picked up many nails, screws and small steel junk with magnet. Found several large heavy pieces buried in the dirt.

Two burros have appeared and Mary spoiled them with corn and carrots.

*  Anita Boudreaux called later with her independent AC guy who was Trey Cosentino at 251-370-6713. Peggy said they had Estes Air Design install the unit in their house.


Tuesday – A fencing company rep measured for a fence along the road and sent a quote Wednesday. Sprayed Remedy on live tallow trees along fence of the lane to the creek field. Sprayed Clear Pasture along: east fence of orchard; and east fence of garden; and along road ditch to east property line. Painted facia up back gable and Mary painted portion of north facia black. Bought black screening for front security door rather than Plexiglas. Will build the screens next trip. Very hot and humid in the afternoon.


Wednesday – Cool early but hot and humid. Tractor battery recharged and spins engine but did not start. Tilled new beds for wood ferns under oak tree and daylilies outside the office window on the front of the house. Planted the ferns. Kevin Beuk with Mobile Fence Co. looked at fence and emailed quote.  Sorted Dad’s two drawer file cabinet and desk drawers. Sorted out some of the photos in the dining room drawer. Very hot and humid in the afternoon.

Thursday – Built new flower beds along front of house between rose beds. Planted daylilies and roses around pole light. Went to lunch at Light House and bought four gates at TSC on way back.  Talked to Bert Driscoll about 2-14′ gates and the new culvert clogged not letting the little pond drain some. He will clean out culvert. Very hot and humid in the afternoon.

Friday – Moved mail box to street.  Slow rain in the morning for about an hour. Fixed short in pole lite where wire nut was punctured by wire and barely touching the ground wire. Craig with Evergreen Tree Serve looked at Combine but not really interested. Said the engine is a Pickney diesel.

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