Oak Leaf Hydrangea in the Pecan Orchard


1/17/2019 – Planted just east of the double gate to the road from the pecan orchard, a 3 gal. Oakleaf Hydrangea “Semmes Beauty” bought at Blair’s on sale for half price; i.e. $10.

Oak-leaf hydrangeas are another North American native, having been discovered in Georgia in 1773.

Also called swamp snowball, it is hardy to zone 5 and though it prefers full sun, it can take some shade and still blossom well. It blooms a little later than the other hydrangeas, beginning in August. Its flowers are large panicles that start out white and turn dark pink as they age. The leaves, which are deeply lobed like an oak leaf, turn a rich maroon red in the fall.

Oak-leaf hydrangeas don’t need a lot of pruning, but if you want to tidy yours up, prune out the dead stems at the base in early spring.

From the Old Farmer’s Almanac
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