No Rain for 7 Weeks until 10/12

Gardening Weather

10/12/2019 – August was a very wet month with over 11″ of rain through the 26th. The only rain here between then and October 12 today, when 1.23″ fell, was a brief shower of 0.4″–although parts of Mobile flooded with 6″ of rain.

Since mid-August, we have installed the 1″ PVC water line to the garden and drip lines in the front yard beds. We have watered something every day including:

  • the seven Stewart pecan trees in the south end of the orchard as they have a lot of pecans;
  • the two old Stewarts along the driveway that also have pecans;
  • all beds in the front, back, and side yards;
  • the yards enough to keep the grass alive;
  • the winter squash, pumpkins, and cucumbers in the garden; and
  • the young trees in the citrus grove.

Looking from the driveway, the trees in the orchard that have been watered are clearly greener. Hopefully, the meat in the pecans will be better than it would have been with no water.

I could not plant anything more in the garden after the squash as the soil temps were 10 degrees too high. I planted two 30-foot rows 2 days ago counting on today’s rain. Prediction for the next 10 days is a maximum temperature of 85 degrees.

We have been letting Ranger and Ravin (Mary’s new horse and Ted’s mare) into the yard to eat grass as nothing is growing in the field.

Oddly, the pond field where Bisquit and Gus are kept is quite green.

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