Mulched All Flower Beds


4/12/2019 – Place 2.5 CY of crushed pine bark mulch in the daylily and plumbago parts to the long bed. This will hopefully complete this large area for the spring/summer. There was a lot to do before this to clean out the wildflower mess, till the soil, divide the daylilies, expand the bed, and then feed the daylilies.

Dressed up the bed along the driveway outside the kitchen window and under the kitchen window. Also filled in the Bay Tree Bed.

4/13/2019 – Placed 1 CY on the north-most bed in the backyard and the bed between the two pecans nearest the house.

Woerner’s ran out of baled pine straw we will try under the Crape Myrtles next week.

The intent was to put 2″ in all locations for the first time. Some of the beds are new but others have had some mulch over the past 3-4 years. This is the first time they are all deeply mulched.

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