Moved daylilies to new Lady Bed in the citrus grove


11/2/2019 – Pulled most of the weeds and four volunteer tomato plants from the compost from the 12-foot diameter round bed we have been preparing and tilled it again. Placed two 12″ square red concrete patio stones in the center of the circle and put the concrete lady statue there.

Drew in the soil a 22″ radius circle around her and spaced out five-large leaf daylilies leaving a wedge-shaped area behind (west of) her for the five small fans Mary bought last year and that were in the too-shady bed with the power pole in the SE corner of the front yard. Those five are ______ and should grow to 36″- 48″ tall and form a backdrop to the lady.

Drew a second circle 40″ from the center of the lady to locate a second circular row of lilies 18″ from the first. Three of the five ________ are in that row as well as a ___ and ____ bought last year and planted in the crepe bed. those two are on the east side of the lady between large divided clumps from the bed along the front of the house.

Drew a third circle 18″ larger than the second one and planted lilies removed from under the crepe myrtles along the roadbed. They bloomed very little this year as they did not get enough sun.

Mary put two double handfuls of alfalfa pellets in the bottom of each hole and I mixed them into the dirt. The next day we side dressed each plant with cottonseed meal.

Lilies selected for this bed were those that did not have the rust issues as bad as others. They came from the bed along the front of the house and the Crepe Myrtle bed. A lot of them have tags that were:

  • Crimson Pirate
  • Original Orange
  • Strawberry Candy

This new bed now has 34 of the best of our daylilies.

11/7/2019 covered the bed with 1-2″ pine bark mulch.

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