Moved Azaleas, Daylilies, & Hydrangeas


11/04/2019 – As the two new azaleas in the SE corner bed did not do well last year–not enough sun we think–we moved them to a bed we built today under the east window of the office.

As Mary wants to plant her butterfly plants–that just arrived from Michigan Seed–in the narrow bed along the driveway outside the kitchen window, and the two hydrangeas there have not done well, we moved the hydrangeas to where the Azaleas were in the SE corner bed.

We also moved the two daylilies in the narrow bed to the new bed with the relocated azaleas under the office’s east window.

Mary put two double handfuls of alfalfa pellets in the bottom of each hole and I mixed them into the dirt. The next day we side dressed each plant with cottonseed meal.

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