Moved to Sundown Farms. Week 1 & 2

Historical Homestead

Drove through a lot of rain on Saturday, Sept 15, 2018, after finally getting away and leaving behind our home for the past 23 years in Houston.

Saw a young deer cross the road from the yard as we drove up at 10:30 pm to our new full-time home. Pulled the 5’x8′ U-Haul trailer straight in and unloaded a few things. Had cold beverages, unwound and went to bed about midnight.

The next morning we unloaded the truck and trailer and began moving things to be ready for the unload tomorrow.

Sunday the 16th – Unloaded the trailer and returned it. Organized the house for the unloading.

Monday – The unloading went well although we found a few damaged items. The patio installation began by Springhill Landscaping with stripping the sod with a rented machine that could not do it.

Buddy, Hector and Jose have arrived

So they used the tractor’s bucket to remove the sod and in places about 6″ of soil. Found the microwave would not fit into the space provided. Found the new telephone cable to the house was only about 6″ deep in the area of the new patio. Note in the photo the location of the propane line–that was not in service–as found when the sod was being removed.

Tuesday – Unboxed and moved a few pieces. Mary got the kitchen into good shape and I got the dryer and refrigerator’s ice maker hooked up. By the end of the day, the refer was making ice and the washing machine was washing. Mike and crew got the kitchen patio graded and ready for pavers by the end of the day. Then I found water in the Utility Room and realized I forgot to insert the drain from the washing machine. We spent two hours soaking up water with towels, shop-vacuuming the water, then placing fans around.

Wednesday – Worked on unpacking the office. Set up the MES and got CS Ribs smoking. Mary worked in the MBR Closet. I planted the Hydrangea stumps pulled from beside the back door. Patio crew laid the side patio by noon but still have the porch, bed-wall and edging to place.

Thursday – Springhill Landscaping got the side patio 99% complete. Oscar (Faith Electric) installed the chandelier, made the other telephone jacks work and tried to install the power to the barn. Got the 100-amp sub panel installed on the house but buried cable was not continuous. We hung the mirror in the entry/dining room and unboxed many boxes.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Unboxing continues and by Sunday we had the carport unboxed, re-arranged and with a semblance of order. Broke down all the remaining boxes and hauled the pickup truck load to the Mobile County Recycle Center on Hitt Road.

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