Memorial Day 2016


Very pleased that the Chinese Tallow trees across the small pond and the large pond are almost all dead. Only a little green in the tops.dead-tallow-small-pond

Friday, 9/2/16, afternoon weeded beds and began yard work. There are a lot of high weeds in the ditch and in all the places we sprayed. Disappointing as many places were sprayed twice during the July event.

Saturday – Started early, 6:30, as the temp was pleasant although 90%+ humidity. The old yellow edger started –full tank of gas–so edged the driveway and walks.  Used 4-cycle mary-smiling-at-sundownline trimmer and cut down weeds in the ditch. The weeds were primarily one type that I now believe to be a variety of Amaranth – aka Pigweed. Pigweed is known to be resistant to Glyphosate.  It was not resistant to the big line trimmer. The new fence was becoming covered with a morning glory type of vine that had a silver dollar size purple flower. Apparently, morning glories are also resistant to Glyphosate.

Sunset was great with the clouds left from the storms.Sunset Sep3 2016

Sunday – Used 4-cycle line trimmer to finish heavy stuff at garden fence. Then cleaned up there and on west side of driveway with the Stihl 2-cycle. Picked up limbs in pecan orchard. Went to TSC and bought 8-gallon pull-along sprayer by Fimco. Also bought 2,4-D concentrate to mix with Erasure Glyphosate. Rained for several hours around noon then cloudy all afternoon. Trimmed pecan limbs in yard with pole saw. Pruned crepe myrtles for first time to remove the limbs in the center and remove those growing wrong.

Monday, Memorial Day – Rained all morning. We sorted out stuff to take to Goodwill. Became lite occasional drizzle in the afternoon. Tri20160906-mary-mowinged to replace the pie steering gear in the JD. Could not get it off. Searched again for a how-to video and found one-for tomorrow. Trimmed some low limbs in pecan orchard with pole saw.

Tuesday – Rained slow all morning and drizzled into the afternoon. Replaced sector (pie) steering gear in John Deere lawn tractor. Mary mowed all but the back half of the orchard and the barnyard. Ted was pleased as his mower had burned up a few weeks ago.

Sprayed with the new pull-along sprayer about 3 gallons of a mixture of 1 oz./gal 2,4-D with 1 oz/gal Erasure (glyphosate) on:

  1. the back of the ditch except at the pecan trees
  2. along the west fence to behind the barn
  3. weeds in the barn
  4. the north fence of the garden and
  5. various thistle looking weeds in the garden.

Emptied sprayer and mixed 4 gallons of Erasure at 3 oz/gal. Sprayed the fence rows under the trees and around many pecan trees in the orchard.

North Field looking northeast
Creek Field looking northeast. Ted mowed recently.
Note Cotton and dead Tallow Trees
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