Mary’s Garden: Pulled Lettuce, Moved Basil, and Tilled. Much Better pH.


6/27/2020 – The acidic pH in her garden has plagued us all spring. The lime added has paid off and the pH in the high 4s to mid-5s is up to 6.2 to 6.8. The two lettuce varieties, Tahama and Salad Bowl Lettuce, has grown ok in the heat but is tough and not flavorful.

The dirt at the location of the Basil (NW Corner) was 5.2-5.8 and that explains why it is not doing well. Moved it into a corrected area along the western edge in the center of the garden.

Tilled the area around the marigolds and sunflowers yesterday with the little cultivator and deeper today with the JD tiller.

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