March 2015 Spring Cleanup


Combine and heads have been taken by David Wayne Presley. Note in panoramic photo below the heads and combine (was inside the barn) are gone. The tank at the barn was moved there from the garden fence where it has been for years. The bush hog that was tipped up on the grain head is now near the tank by the barn.

Orchard at Barn panoCut down small oak in azaleas, sweet gum behind barn, and tallow in fence line along ditch.   Drug trees and limbs to new burn pile in lane behind garden. Sprayed thistle in yard.

Rebuilt front wheels to JD yard tractor by installing sealed bearings. Installed new steering gear on shaft but it still slips. Need to rebuild a spindle on mower deck and when doing that will replace the teflon steering shaft bearings.

In the barn rearranged small equipment liDSC_0132ke the old 3-point hitch yard mower, truck tool box, disk shelves and spreader. Moved hay trailer and spray rig into the barn where the combine had been. Moved the back-door deck parts to the north end and rearranged blocks and small stuff. There is now a lot of empty space.

Applied Remedy to the row of Tallow trees in the fence line along the small pond leading up to the cattle shoot. Pond is very low as the new crossing is allowing it to drain.

DSC_0122DSC_0089 DSC_0167

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