March 2012 Clearing around Bin


This will be remembered as the weekend when:
– we first tried out the Swisher line trimmer;
– climbed on top of the grain bin to reinstalled the cap after jacking up the auger, and;
– most memorable: the day Ted cleared the trash trees from the east and north side of the barn.

pano pond.jpg

Arrived at the farm about 4 PM and found the pond partially full and everything very green. The pond was very still and provided a mirrored image of the pecan trees.

Grand Bay-20120309-00700.jpg

Tried out the new Swisher line trimmer and it worked great. Found a lot of weeds in the new rose beds from the Home Depot mulch.

Built a fire in the fire place as it was in the high 50’s and the fire felt good.

Note the water level in the pond due to the recent rains. The level fell about 6″ from Friday PM to Sunday AM. So, it must be draining slowly.

This one work-day trip began with cutting down the trees growing through the two grain augers and adding them to the pile. Then jacked up the auger that dumped into the bin and replaced the bin’s cap to stop rain from getting inside the bin.

Ted had pushed up some brush next to the diesel tank and Mary wanted to clean out the killer rose thorns. We started in and cleared almost through the azaleas to Audry’s vegetable cleaning table.

Then Ted came to put out hay, saw what we were doing and decided to help. He spent at least three hours pushing up scrub trees and adding them to the pile. The 10″ tallow tree next to the barn was very hard to get out. Its major root went straight down. What I expected would lake me several years to do was done in one afternoon.

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