March 12, 2014 Early Spring Work


Odd jobs inside including repair of the PVC line from the pump into the utility room as the very cold winter froze and shatter that pipe. The freeze also broke a PEZ brass fitting just inside the wall.2014-03-14 18.34.47

Then found that when the cover sheet rock was screwed into place after the last repair one of the dry wall screws penetrated the pipe but was tight enough not to leak. Of course, now it sprays like crazy when everything else is repaired. Cut away the sheet rock and found where the screw had done its deed. Back to Home Depot and soon we had water.

Trimmed, edged and sprayed weeds with Erasure. Mary sprayed 21 gallons so there should not be much trimming to do.2014-03-14 18.33.30

Cut down Chinese Tallow trees from the gate at the barn west to within about 50 feet of the property line with Peggy. Great view into the rye grass with the Driskoll’s yearlings.

Ted had dropped off a power pole and we replaced the pole in the barn that rotted off.


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