Making A Vegetable Garden


12/2/2018 – The vegetables we planted at the new back patio bed have been a lot of fun to watch and have continually contributed to our meals. So, we wanted a larger garden and today built a 7′ x 35′ bed next to the power pole where the pecans are only on one side. This was also the first time to use the 5′ disc pulled by Fergie with her new exhaust manifold.

Burpee Seeds Planted:

  1. Lettuce – White Paris
  2. Lettuce – Bloomsdale Long Standing
  3. Mesclun – Spicy Mix – “Consisting of 20% each of arugula, endive, red looseleaf lettuce, radicchio, and mustard. Harvest in 21-35 days. “
  4. Bunching Onion – Evergreen Long White – DID NOT COME UP
  5. Mustard – Florida Broad Leaf

Seedlings by Bonnie Plants bought at WalMart.

  1. Swiss Chard – Bright Lights
  2. Mustard Greens
  3. Brocolli – Green Magic Hybrid
  4. Brussel Sprouts

We also planted multiplying onion sets that will grow into green onions like the bunches you buy at the grocery store. The ones from the grocery include the white bulb and its roots. We will not pull up the bulb and roots as baby onions are growing on the side of the bulb. Plus the bulb will grow a new green top and we can harvest it again.

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