Major Garden Sowing & Planting Day


4/26/2021 – Based on the early morning temperature predictions for the next 10 days being in the 60’s and the pepper seedlings in the greenhouse looking really ready, we spent the day in the big garden. The day was great and the late afternoon before the full moon was even better. What was accomplished was:

  • disked the pea rows and pulled up hills
  • planted all the peppers – List below is from south to north
  • added the third weave to the taller tomatoes. Lotsa blooms but no fruit yet;
  • side dressed the tomatoes and corn with 15-0-15;
  • Mary sowed more flower seeds;
  • Mary sowed squash and cucumber seeds in gaps and next to weak seedlings;
  • Pruned the suckers from the Better Boys and the upper ones from the Celebrities. Took off all lower leaves near the soil to minimize fungus and to allow more airflow to minimize fungus;
  • sowed PEPH Top Pick peas (5 rows), MS Silver Crowder peas (3 rows), and MS Purple Crowder Peas (2 rows);
  • Sowed one double row of Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans;
  • Sowed a double half-row of Sugar Ann Snap Beans
  • Restored the drip lines and ran them for two hours.

Sidedressed the corn at only 6-12″ high with 15-0-15 (w/ 2% Iron and 15% sulfur) due to the leaves now looking light green. So, it is a bit early but after the 10″+ rains this month we thought a light side dressing would be good. Added lime to the 15-0-15 per Ted’s original advice as we had good production the past two years. This was following the advice by the MSU Extension Service in the paper Corn Fertilization here. Plan to side-dress them again at knee-high with 33-0-0.

The tomatoes’ color is good and they have a lot of blooms. So, it is time to side dress them and thought the 15-0-15 would be good as the heavy rains surely washed out the potassium as it does the nitrogen.

The flowers sown today, north of those sown two days ago, are listed below in the order from south to the north.

  • Cosmos – 1 row
  • Indian Blanket – 1 row
  • Nicotiana – 2 rows

4/30/2021 – Both of the peas in the south half are pushing through. Watered them three days ago and yesterday with the tripod sprinkler for 30 min the first day and one hour yesterday. That time was while the sprinkler head span was 90°. Soil temp this morning was 70° F.

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