Loosened rows in the north half as very crusty from heavy rain


4/2/2021 – Loosened sides of rows north half with Fergie & cultivator then 4-tine hoe as very crusty from heavy rain. Then used the 4-tine hoe to loosen soil between the dual onion rows and along each side of the dual spinach rows. There were noticeably many more 2-leaf weeds growing in that row. That land had not been plowed to not put the flower seeds from last year too deep. So, the weed seeds were also preserved and hopefully this very shallow tilling will knock them back.

The rows that were tilled were:

  • Tomato rows
  • 2nd and 3rd row from the fence where squash and cucumber seedlings have come up with the first two leaves.
  • Onion and Spinach row on the west side of the north half next to the flower zone.
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