Little Tractor Down


CIMG6556.JPGThe day began with adding antifreeze to the little tractor (a Massey Ferguson 210) as it overheated yesterday. It again overheated this morning but not so bad that I could not get it into the barn. Once there I discovered that the water pump shaft was wobbly and the pump would very soon fail.

Mary call Southern Tractor Supply and we ordered a new water pump and the top and bottom hoses. Peggy or Frank will pick it up next week.

I am sure the very perceptive readers of this blog will note that the mower has a new wheel–and that it is different than the original one. Yes, they gave me the wrong one (Toomey Tractor Supply also in Irvington where we bought the mower) and once it was on I decided there was too much wrong. Peggy will take it back.

That means I did not mow the barn yard or the almost new path through the jungle around the grain bin. Oh well, that will wait for another day.

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