Leaks, estate talk and BBQ

Homestead Maintenance
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Found the leak in the line to the south side field under the large, almost dead Tallow tree.  Peggy called Ted and when he got there I had dug enough to locate the problem but not see it as it is inside the stump area. We decided to locate the line on the north side of the tree and run a temporary line from that side to where I had found it on the south side. He went to get parts and a hose. We glued in the new fittings, mounted the hose and back in business.

After he left I took the line trimmer and went to the barn. Managed to hit a PVC riser behind the barn and now had a new leak. Went to Home Depot for fittings, glue and a pipe cutter–about $35.

Came home and found Mary and Mike Spanos had arrived and had taken apart the doorbell as it would not quit ringing and Lady (my dog) kept barking inside. Let them in and repaired the riser.

Peggy came over and the three of us talked about the estate. Came to an agreement–we thought.

Went to dinner at Tilmos on Airport Blvd near Baker HS. It is a new BBQ place that is very good.

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