Laboring on Labor Day

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The mornings were in the low 70’s but by noon it was hot and became hotter.

Ironically the fig tree nearest the barn yard entry had a few green figs and the blueberry bushes there also had a few blueberries. Small squirrels were having fun eating the pecans and racing from tree to tree.

blueberries2 fig pecans





There was not many limbs down other than three larger ones behind the barn.

Spent most of this work week trying to get the Ford tractor to run. First cleaned out the gunk left from old biodiesel that remained after Gordon drained the really heavy stuff out. Cleaned the tank by plugging the train outlet and adding lye water to above the level of the gunk on the inside walls. Left it there for 24+ hours and drained it into a tub. What drained out was dark grey in color and dense. Also some rust ran out.

While the lye soak was going on I removed the front right wheel after sawing off two of the lug bolts. Bought a new tub at Bay Auto Supply on US 90 and had it installed next door and C&D Tires.

Added clean water with the plug in place. Then drained it. The first rinse water came out dirty grey-black but not as heavy as the lye water. The second rinse was less dense than the first. The third rinse was such that I could easily see into it but there was a cloudiness.Ford Tractor

After draining the lye and between every rinse I blew off the walls and then aimed the air along the bottom toward the drain. Water with rusty look came out although the last time it was clear and there was no rust I could see.

While the rinsing was going on the small steel line from the tank valve to the filter was soaking in the lye water. I removed it twice and blew it out each time.

Installed the new tank valve Gordon had bought and the connecting line. Installed a new filter dad had as Gordon’s had some of the black gunk on the top of it and surely down in the filter.

Never got the flow to come out of the bleed screw on top of the filter base. Blew out all  ports and still no flow. BIG mystery. Gave up and will have Gordon come fix it.

Mowed the narrow area behind the ditch. Nearly all the trees treated with Clear Pasture had died. Meant to go back to treat more but spent to much time on the tractor. By the time I gave up on the tractor it was really hot each day.

Ted’s Jason showed up with a large JD tractor and mower and mowed the pond area; the garden and Peg’s field beyond the blueberries.

pano Barn yard pano front of house pano Garden pano Pond Field

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