July 4th, 2015 Work Week

Equipment Maintenance

Ted had pushed up the rotten stumps along the barnyard fence, leveled the old burn pile location, and mowed the fields. There are many blueberries (50% ripe), figs (beginning to ripen), and sand pears that are not ripe. The peanuts are looking good and have hidden half the row of dirt. Crepe myrtles planted last fall are 2-3 feet higher than the fence and blooming.

Storm Clouds

Sunday, June 28, 2015.

  • Lubricated throttle on MF210 and got the foot pedal to work smoothly.   Installed new stabilizer on 3-pt hitch.
  • Weeded flower beds, trimmed out dead rose limbs from a fungus and sprayed with fungicide.
  • Slide magnet over old burn pile bare spot left where Ted had scoped out the last pile. Found a few nails.
  • Peggy and Frank are ending their u-pick season and today is the last day. They advertised it was a “free” day so there were pickers there all day until well into dark. They said that the other day was good as pickers got 40 gallons [they are charging $8/gal].
  • Shook onto a tarp about a gallon of blueberries. There are many many more.
July 12, 2015


  • Blew out fuel lines on Ford 5600 but still no fuel to the bleed port. Went to see Gordon and he said to pressurize tank slightly to try to force it there to overcome the very low pressures in a gravity system. When I began checked the bleed port and now fuel flowed. It also came out the bleed port of the pump. But, still will not start.
  • Rebuilt the flower beds along the front of the house adding the blue plumage at either end while bulbing out the beds to enclose the plumbago. The large roses either side of the front porch were being washed out by the run off the roof so reshaped the beds to drain to the walkway and not to the yard.CIMG0688
  • Sprayed Erasure along the ditch and fences from property line to property line and down the garden fence to the hay pile.
  • Mary spotted a Mississippi Kite hunting in the field and pond. It saw something under the pecan tree just north of the oak and swooped in only 100 feet from us and pounced twice then raced off.


  • Gordon worked on Ford 5600 but could not get fuel from the injectors. Removed injector pump and I took it to  Test Calibration Co.
  • While working on the tractor the wind began to blow from the NW very hard. It quit after about 15 minutes and was almost still for about 15 minutes then blew very hard from the NE. I was told the highest was 46 mph.


Mary Springs pano
Mary’s Springs
  • Used Frank’s Stihl with hedger attachment to trim azaleas. Hauled a full heaping truck load of debris to burn pile along with many new pecan limbs the wind yesterday blew down.
  • Installed upper steering bushing in JD, changed the fuel filter, oil and oil filter.
  • Took Peggy, Frank, Mandy and TS to the Lighthouse for lunch to celebrate Peggy’s 60th birthday.
  • The afternoon ended with a wide dark ominous thunderstorm rolled in with hard winds and some rain. Have a new plan to channel the rainwater crashing into the rose bush beds on either side of the front porch.


  • Spread about 2 CY (3 scopes bought at Woerners) of ground pine bark mulch on the beds at the back door and across the front.
  • Bought concrete pave stones and placed them under the roof swales on either side of the front porch to channel rainwater to the walkway.
  • Replaced the almost-dead rose on the east side with a new one from Home Depot   Planted the almost-dead rose near the switch box and meter in the back yard. Hope it recovers. Also planted a rooting of Rosemary there.

Friday & Saturday

  • Friday Mary picked 4+ gallonsTxSage at Bird Nest of blueberries.
  • Saturday Mary and Tom picked 7.5 gallons of blueberries and a few figs. Many figs will ripen soon.
  • Ferns at PecanPicked up more limbs that fell and leveled the former burn area and where Ted and pushed out the rotten stumps in the barnyard fence.
  • Planted Texas Sage at bird house pole in barnyard and ferns around pecan tree at carport.

Other Photos

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